The flat bottom grain silos (FP series) is used for the storage of granular cereals with maximum apparent density of 0.85 t/m3.
It is installed on a concrete base in which ventilation channels can be obtained.
In the storage flat bottom grain bins loading is performed through the central dome both by means of pipes and conveyor devices positioned on dedicated gangways.
Silo unloading is done by means of mechanical conveyor devices positioned both in the subterranean tunnels or in the channels obtained in the base. In silos of greater size and height, side unloading channels can be fitted (usually installed on the 10th ring) for partial silo unloading without the need for mechanical devices.



The roof consists of trapezoidal elements made of hot-galvanised sheets with reinforcing bars to withstand the loads caused by snow, conveyor devices and inspection gangways.
The roof is fixed to the cylinder by means of special plates in order to guarantee the circulation of air and to reduce condensation.



The cylinder is made of S350 GD (UNI EN10346) structural steel sheets with Z600 galvanised covering (equivalent to 600g/m2 of zinc) that guarantees long-term resistance to atmospheric agents.

The structure is externally reinforced with HX420LAD (UNI EN10346) structural steel upright columns with omega section anchored to the base using rawl bolts or anchor bolts.

In the case of large diameter silos or silos positioned in very windy zones, reinforcing wind-protection rings are added.

The thickness of the corrugated structural steel panels and uprights is determined according to the silo model and place of installation (also considered as crucial elements are stresses caused by earthquakes, wind and snow). The calculation of the stresses produced by the silage is made according to EN 1991-4:2006 standards (Eurocode 1, part 4).

The sheets and the uprights are assembled using high mechanical resistance bolts, treated with Geomet® process against corrosion. The infiltration of water through the sheet joints is prevented by inserting a sealing bead.



The standard silo is equipped with the following accessories:
• a roof hatch for the control of the stored cereal
• double inspection door usually positioned on the second ring, connected to a micro switch to stop the rotating extractor placed in the internal part of the silo and ensure safe access by maintenance personnel
• an anti-bird circumferential net positioned in between the roof and the cylinder



Supplied at customer request or according to particular plant requirements
• maximum and minimum level gauges
• motorized air extraction fans
• support for temperature control cables
• thermometric plants
• ventilation systems
• rotating extractors for the unloading of the residual cone
• to greater diameter and height silos, side unloading channels can be fitted for partial silo unloading without the aid of mechanical devices
• vertical ladder with guards and stirrups
• roof ladder with side guards and circular platform
• hanging gangways for inspection and conveyor support
• gangway supporting structures
• descents from gangways
• rotating extractors for emptying the residual cone
• at customer request; the roof can be painted in customized colors.



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